Face Coverings to be mandatory at Wodonga Sports & Leisure Centre

From 11.59pm Sunday (2 August), all Victorians will be required to wear a face covering when leaving the home following an announcement made by Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews on 30 July 2020.

In line with this latest announcement, a new Condition of Entry will come into effect at Wodonga Sports & Leisure Centre from Monday 3 August requiring all customers and staff to wear a face covering in order to gain entry to the facility, with exemptions applied only to children under the age of 12 or people with relevant medical conditions.

Customers visiting the centre are required to have their face covering appropriately in place before entering the centre and to only remove it if:

  • Performing any exercise or class that causes you to be out of breath or puffing
  • Entering the pool or using showers
  • Any of the additional reasons outlined in our Customer FAQs guide

To help our customers understand our new face covering rules, we have updated our COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions Guide which is available from our website at https://www.alburywodongaaquatics.com.au/responsefaqs. Further information is also available from our COVID-19 Response webpage at https://www.alburywodongaaquatics.com.au/ourcovid19response.

We wish to thank our customers in advance for their cooperation and encourage anyone with questions to contact our friendly team on (02) 6056 2555 or by emailing [email protected].