Mental Health First Aid Training

Depression, anxiety, and the misuse of alcohol and drugs are common in our community, and it is highly likely you may know someone with such difficulties. Mental health first aid training equips you with the knowledge and confidence to recognise and respond to mental health problems in the people around you. It does not mean being able to provide professional help, but it will help in reducing stigma, promoting help seeking, and improving recognition and response to mental health situations.

Overall, this training will assist you with developing:

• a greater awareness of the prevalence of mental ill-health
• understanding the effects of mental ill-health on work/study performance, relationships and physical health
• greater ability to recognise early signs and risks
• reduced stigma and increase help-seeking
• knowledge of available community resources, and how best to use them
• greater confidence in front line situations

There will be an online component to this training that will be emailed to you, which will need to be completed before the face-to-face training.

Albury/Wodonga Community Mental Health Program
Date/Time – Monday 26 August (5pm to 9pm)
Location – Albury Entertainment Centre

Light nibbles and refreshments will be provided.