Aligned Leisure becomes a White Ribbon accredited workplace

Aligned Leisure has furthered its commitment towards preventing men’s violence against women by becoming a White Ribbon accredited workplace. The accreditation recognises that Aligned Leisure is taking active steps to stop violence against women, improve workplace culture, office safety and morale.

On average, one in five Australian women have experienced sexual violence since the age of 15, and one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner. One in four women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace and one in two working people have been exposed to workplace harassment, as a victim or bystander in the past five years.

Over 60 per cent of women experiencing violence from a current partner are working, yet only 20 per cent of employees surveyed by White Ribbon Australia would feel very confident knowing how to help a work colleague experiencing violence outside work.

Initiatives within the White Ribbon program help to increase the knowledge and skills of staff to respond to inequality both inside and outside the workplace.

Aligned Leisure have and will continue to demonstrate the standards and criteria set by White Ribbon Australia of Leadership and Commitment, Prevention and Responses to Violence against Women.

The business has developed and evaluated an expectation of contractors and staff that is subject to continuous improvement, as stipulated by the Workplace Accreditation Program.

Aligned Leisure CEO, Shane Dunne said that violence against women was a serious, preventable issue.

“Aligned Leisure is in a unique position, not just as an employer but also in the community stand up, speak out and act against all forms of men’s violence against women.

“Whilst we know that family violence can occur in many ways, statistics show that men’s violence against women is overwhelmingly prevalent and that’s why we have partnered with White Ribbon.

“We want our people to know that violence against women is everyone’s issue, and it is unacceptable.”

Aligned Leisure will be running events at its Centre’s right across the state as part of White Ribbon Night on the last weekend of July.

“Aligned Leisure encourages all customers, partners and staff to join us in making a stand,” Dunne added.

“The White Ribbon Oath is an opportunity to actively support the cause, learn more about violence against women and is a powerful symbol of your intention to be a part of real change.”

To take the oath click here.

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