Childcare Program

Childhood is a process, not a race!

~ Outside play ~

Outside play is always weather dependent and can only happy when the UV rating is under three (Sun Smart Policy). Remember to apply sunscreen to your child 20 minutes before you arrive at the Centre. Children must wear a hat. Light, loose, cool clothing is ideal for outside play.

Children have activities to keep them moving, using gross/fine motor skills, interacting with peers and sharing of equipment and play space in the yard and sand pit. The yard has both busy, active experiences and space for quiet play.

Well-being: Combine gross and fine motor movement and balance to achieve complex patterns of activity and enjoy moments of solitude.

Community: Practice inclusive ways of achieving coexisting.

Identity: Initiate and join in play and increasing cooperate and work collaboratively with others.

Learning: Persist even when they find a task difficult. Use their senses to explore natural and built environments. Explore ideas and theories using imagination, creativity and play.

Communication: Engage in enjoyable, reciprocal interactions using verbal and non-verbal language.