To continue providing a COVID Safe Setting and align with new Government requirements, all of our facilities will be moving to the Service Victoria & Service NSW contact tracing system from Monday 12 April 2021.


The new system will replace all of our existing contact tracing protocols and will apply to all visitors aged 18 years or older, including members, casual visitors, contractors and staff. Please note, in line with Government contact tracing requirements, persons aged 17 years or under will not be required to sign-in.


To support a seamless transition, new signage will be installed throughout our facilities from the cut-over date, with updated QR codes available that will take customers directly to the Service Victoria or Service NSW website or app upon scanning.


We wish to thank you for playing your part in keeping our community safe and open by remembering to sign-in each time you visit one of our facilities.


If you have any questions regarding the changeover, or issues scanning the QR code please see our friendly team when you next visit us.