Group Fitness Update

Tai Chi has been introduced onto the timetable! Tai Chi has been running for approximately four weeks now and has received lots of positive feedback. One member stating, “I’ve done Tai Chi previously and James is one of the best instructors I’ve come across!”

Passion is priceless, and James is very passionate in this space and it resonates in his classes. Tai Chi is accessible for all fitness levels and abilities. James has even been taking the team outdoors to embrace the sunshine, on the nice days.

In other news, our Meta Power participants were very happy to see the addition of our new power bags in the classes. We know Crystal and Erin were very keen to incorporate these more into the workouts!

The next couple of months in the health club are looking very bright and exciting!  24/7 access, Virtual fitness and our gym refurbishment just around the corner. We thank you all for your feedback and thoughts. We appreciate your honesty and it resonates with how much you all love the center and our programs, and we are glad you are on the journey with us. See you in the Health Club!

We have had to make some changes to our timetable recently due to instructor changes and availability restraints. We have been trying to source a fantastic Yoga instructor for some time and we are proud to say that Amy Vacarro from Chill Mama Wellness has come on board and really made her Monday morning class a huge success with class occupancy at an all time high. The feedback from the members regarding Amy has been fantastic and so positive. If you haven’t tried one of Amy’s classes please try to make the time, you won’t regret it.

Unfortunately, with many attempts to try and find a permanent Yoga instructor for our Friday morning Restorative yoga class we have not been able to secure a permanent instructor. We definitely do not like having to cancel classes but sometimes we are left with no choice. Lucky for us we have managed to secure the amazing Crystal Walsh for a fantastic Body Balance class which will be running every Friday morning at 10:50am replacing our Yoga. Feedback from the members has been that a mid-morning Body Balance class has been greatly missed, so we are excited to be able to bring this class to the forefront!

We are also very excited to introduce SPINNING with Rachael Long on Fridays at 9:30am. We again have been listening to our members and the cycle class has been missed on a Friday morning and I know quite a few members who will be very excited about this class returning!!

In the months to come we will be reviewing our class occupancy and in the lead up to the new timetable release we will be doing our best to keep all our members well informed before any changes are made. We have over the last few months had to look at changing some classes potentially as the class sizes haven’t met expectations unfortunately. We will try to keep these changes minimal and as always keep a vast array of fantastic classes available to all of you and with the release of virtual fitness your options will be endless.

Again, we always welcome member feedback so keep informing our staff of what you want to see in the center and your thoughts on classes and the gym space! We are here because of our members. We love to hear all you have to say. Thanks everyone and we look forward to seeing you in the gym!