Member Support

A key element to obtaining your health and wellness goals is to feel supported and motivated along your journey.

At your Wodonga Sports and  Leisure Centre we are proud of our fully inclusive Member Success Pathway delivered by our fully qualified and experienced fitness team.

This 4 stage Pathway over an 8 week cycle will ensure that whilst your are with us you have the opportunity to seek up to date advice that will be tailored and personalised to your goals, motivations and lifestyle.  This will incorporate movement programs including gym based and group fitness classes to suit you.

The program is as follows:

  • Stage 1 – Initial Planning Session
    • Discussion around goals and wants
    • We discuss your health and wellness history
      • Ideally undertaken in the first 2-3 days of membership
  • Stage 2 – Exercise Demonstration
    • One of our fully qualified trainers will show you through your workout
    • We will ensure you are comfortable and confident with your program
    • Map out your first Group Fitness Class
      • Ideally within 48 hours of your Initial Planning Session
  • Stage 3 – Check In
    • A quick 15 minute check in during your workout to make any changes or tweaks to your program
    • Discussion on how to increase intensity as you begin to notice changes
      • Ideally within 2 weeks of your Exercise Demonstration
  • Stage 4 – Program Review
    • A full review of your program and reflection on your goals
    • Discussion around what changes you have noticed
    • Full body scan to validate the physiological changes
    • Mapping the next 8 weeks of your health and wellness journey
      • Ideally 8 weeks from your Initial Planning Session

The Member Success Pathway is fully supported by our programming solution FitDesk.  FitDesk is your all encompassing fitness partner with key features to make tracking your workouts and managing your trainer relationship easier than ever before.

To commence your Member Success Pathway please see one of our trainers or reception team next time you are in so we can support you and share your journey with you.