Childcare News

With the change in weather and the temperatures dropping outside it was a great time to change our ‘seasons tree’ from Autumn to Winter.

The tree provides the children and educators the opportunities to talk about the seasons and the changes in the weather. With winter arriving this month we have spoken about the cooler temperatures, the foggy mornings, the rain, hail and snow. This also provides us opportunities to talk about appreciate clothes to wear when the days are colder / wetter than in Autumn.

Talking about self care aligns with the Wellbeing section of the Frameworks – show increasing independence and competence in personal care and safety for themselves. Appropriate footwear or wearing a coat / jumper is often a challenged faced by many parents. We talk about the consequence of not wearing appropriate clothing for the weather. They say the definition of a ‘jumper’ is, something a child wears because mums cold!

So watch the tree as it changes over the next month!

Space Travel has also been a topic of conversation in childcare in June with our Rocketship heading off into space on many adventures. 

This activity provides opportunities for individual or group play, sharing the equipment and play space, negotiating roles and listening to their peers’ ideas.                

Term 3 bookings are now open. School holidays are from the 1st to 12th July with term 3 commencing on Monday the 15th July.

Please speak to the childcare educators about your booking requirements as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.