Childcare News

Father’s Day created excitement in childcare at the start of the month. The children were very keen to make a little something for dad. We keep the process simple for the children so they can participate in the activity and give dad something little that recognizes the contribution they have in their child’s life.

Happy Father’s Day, I want to follow in your footsteps!

We used the above words with a print of a boot on a sheet of A4 paper. The children then put their footprint in the middle of the boot print.

We hope the dad’s liked the simple, but heart felt present!

Spring is upon us, so the childcare ‘tree’ is changing yet again. Keep on eye on the progress on our Facebook page over the coming weeks.

Children making the ‘blossom’ by painting handprints. Once dry they will be cut out and stuck to the branches of the tree.

The Victorian School Holidays have started which means childcare will be open Monday – Wednesdays from 23/9 – 2/10.

Normal Childcare Operating hours and days will resume on Monday the 7th October.

Please speak to the childcare staff for your school holiday and term 4 bookings.