Health Club News!!

This month saw the beginning of our much anticipated 9 Week Fitness Challenge! We are extremely excited to follow the participants journeys and see what the next 9 weeks brings for all of them. 

We also saw the addition of our newest MetaPwr instructor Kahlia Miller! Kahlia is a long-time staff member and is also our head coach of the Relentless program. With her extensive knowledge in functional training and personal training background I know a lot of members were very excited to see her smiling face instructing more of our morning sessions!

Our 250m row fitness challenge this month was very popular. It was fantastic to see some new names on the board. Especially the morning ladies! Well done everyone! We will announce our winners on the Facebook page soon.

We recently had to make some changes to our Group Fitness Timetable at short notice and for this we do apologize, and the health club team would like to thank you for your patience and understanding in the matter.

We have tried our best to make the changes minimal and keep all your regular classes consistent. Where classes have changed due to instructor unavailability, we have placed another class of similar intensity or we have scheduled a Virtual class for your convenience. We will be trying to get instructors back into those classes as soon as an instructor is available.

The timetable has been updated on the website and is also available in the Centre and we hope you enjoy the inclusion of the new Stretch and Flex class on Fridays at 10:50am and the new Relentless Cardio 45 at 9:30am Fridays.

View the new Winter Timetable.