Stadium Games a School Holiday Hit!


Getting kids active through play at

Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre


Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre introduced to the community a new school holiday program, Stadium Games, beginning back in April as part of the School Holidays Fun Calendar.


The program was aimed to get kids active through play and fun activities resulting in the community and parents grateful to have a program to keep their children engaged through the school holidays.


The program was aimed at two age levels and abilities.

Mini Movers catered to the 5 – 8-year-old age bracket, which focused on games that emphasized on the fundamental movements (running, throwing, and catching, hopping, and jumping) in a fun and engaging way. Some of our favorite games for the Mini Movers where the floor is lava, red rover cross over and duck, duck, goose. Learning and playing new games is a great way for children to make new friends and to learn to communicate effectively whilst improving physical and mental well-being, strategic planning, and fine motor skills.

Mighty Movers was developed to cater to 9 – 12 years+ ages. These sessions were focused on refining the fundamental movements (running and agility, underarm and overarm throwing, leaping and single leg bounds) and adding sports specific skill to the games. This age group particularly enjoyed dodge ball, basketball games and soccer games and without realizing through play, were developing team work skills, strategic planning abilities and fine motor skills also.

The program has just completed its second event in resent weeks and proved to a welcomed addition again to the school holidays event Calendar with higher-than-expected numbers booked well in advance.