What is Virtual Fitness?

Exciting times ahead at the Leisure Centre! Les Mills Virtual Fitness is on its way. But what is Virtual Fitness you say?

We are about to give you even more opportunities to come and enjoy your favourite Les Mills classes, with more options than ever before!

Virtual Fitness will give you more options to exercise, in running a variety of group fitness classes during off peak times, or on those days where our regular instructors get caught in traffic (that doesn’t happen, but it might?).

We will have a scheduled times Virtual Fitness, giving you an additional 60 classes to our regular timetable. Virtual classes involve a Projector screen, some of the industries best group fitness instructors running some of your favourite classes on offer! You will still receive instruction on technique at the beginning of each class, and know exactly how long you have remaining in the class!

These classes will not replace our regular instructors, but they will add to your timetable. With over 60 more classes available, our amazing instructors will continue to hold their regular classes. We want to see our classes busy, and you enjoying them. If our Virtual Classes show you want additional classes put on, that’s what we’ll do during the Timetable review. These classes are designed to give you more options and more flexibility.

We will have 6 classes available adding more then 60 extra classes a week to our timetable. You are about to have more options than before, and we’re excited to join you in the classes. The suite of classes will include – Body Pump, CX Worx, Body Balance, Body Combat, Sh’bam and in our cycle studio we will also have Virtual RPM classes. The classes provide a mixture of 30, 45 and 60 minute classes!

So if you want a 30 min class over your lunch, we have you covered. If you need to unwind with a Body Balance class at 8pm, we’ve got your back. Or if you require a class at 2pm, let our team know and we will schedule it for you. See you soon in a class!