Tiger Paw

Tiger Paw



Tiger PAW is a free, unique, and tailored program offered to all grade 5/6 students across Albury Wodonga.   Tiger PAW is run by the Richmond Football Club, Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre and students from the Richmond Institute of Sport’s Leadership.  Tiger PAW supports schools, communities, and families to develop the next generation into strong, well-rounded, educated young adults.

In 2019, Wodonga Sports and Leisure Centre delivered the first Tiger PAW program to the Albury Wodonga community.  We delivered the program to grade 5/6 students at Wodonga South Primary, St Anne’s Primary, Thurgoona Primary, Hume Public School, Baranduda Primary, St Monica’s Primary and Bandiana Primary.  For 2020, the Tiger PAW program was run virtually and focused on improving health and wellbeing for students.

The Tiger PAW sessions have been enjoyed by both staff and children alike, as they participated in an interactive nutrition session, which saw the kids create their own healthy wrap whilst learning about the main nutritional components of food, and the benefits of healthy eating.   Students participated in a physical activity session, which involved fun games, agility and football play and lots of “COOL BEANS!”.

We are currently reviewing Tiger PAW to allow the best impact for students, teachers, parents and community groups alike when it recommences in Term 4, 2023.  

The program was developed using VicHealth program logic frameworks and tailored to specifically address Albury and Wodonga Council’s health priorities and consists of two distinct sessions:


For more information regarding the Tiger Paw program email [email protected]