Childcare News

The older children have been engaging in the game of hide and seek and the younger children have been following their ques. They take in turns doing the counting and those children who are unable to count are helped by the educators. The children get excited as they find places to hide and wait quietly to be found. The game can often last half an hour or more.
The game encourages children of all ages to participate and interact, help others, patience, waiting for hiding places to be found and taking turns. This game covers all the learning outcomes, well-being, communication, community, identity.

Dinosaurs with grass, pinecones, woods and books for reference. Children playing independently or with their peers, sharing ideas and the play space and equipment.
Learning – initiate and contribute to play experiences emerging from their own ideas.

Tree house with little figure and furniture. Solitary play.
Learning – use play to investigate, imagine and explore ideas.
Learning – make connections between experiences, concepts and processes.
Well-being – enjoy moments of solitude.

Arctic animals in the black tray with blue mat for water, white material for snow/ice and rocks/driftwood. Provides opportunity to talk about animals we don’t see locally and the environment that they live in. Also connects to the cold weather we are having for winter, frost on the ground, ice on the windshield of the car, dressing warmly when we go outside to play.
Community – explore relationships with other living and non-living things.