Health Club News

Relentless Winter Throwdown comp night!
July saw us hold our biannual Relentless Throwdown competition in the stadium. The workouts are set to test participants power, strength, mindset and endurance. The relentless members have a chance to see how far they have come with their coaching over the past six months by competing alongside their teammates and testing their limits.
Members and guests worked through four different measurable workouts testing lower and upper body speed, power and movement. Finishing with a 30 min endurance workout utilizing all the moves we have been working on for the past six months.
Congratulations to all who participated! We look forward to the summer Throwdown!

Men’s finalists
1st Josh Fagan
2nd Andrew Elkener
3rd Aidan Pianto
Women’s Finalists
1st Tara Thompson
2nd Kylie Leary
3rd Casey Ardern

New instructors!
We are so excited to see some new faces in the group fitness space this month. Welcome back to Tamie Russell who will be taking Body Pump and CX Worx and to Emily Dowlan who will soon be coming to the team to take Body Balance. Welcome to the Aligned Leisure team girls!!

Health Club Challenge
Health club challenge this month has been max Kettle Bell Thrusters in a minute! Currently we have a lot of members who have tried the challenge and a few who have had second and third attempts. Remember the challenge is not about being the best on the board, its about challenging yourself to try something new. Well done to everyone giving this a red hot go this month and especially to those who have come back and tried to beat their own score more then once.
Next month we will be trying our hand at Burpees! Why? Because we all love Burpees!! Right??

New Equipment
You may have noticed some new equipment in the health club the last few weeks. We have five new power bags as well as new slam balls, some new attachments for the lateral pull down machine and we also have new wall balls for group fitness studio 2 downstairs.
We also have exciting news with a new half rack being added to the deadlift platform in the coming weeks so keep your eyes out for that. We hope you all enjoy your new toys!

9 Week Fitness Challenge
We are now halfway into the fitness challenge and the participants have been working hard. Recent Body Scans this week has seen improvements of up to 3% body fat reduction and up to 2.5kg increase in muscle mass!
We can’t wait to see what another four weeks brings!! Members have just received their updated nutrition guides for the second half of the challenge and fitness testing is taking place again to see how much their fitness has improved. Consistency is key team. Keep it up!